This Strategy Is Important on Several Occasions,Especially when Low on Health.This Helps Millions of Players to Reduce Damage From Enemies.

On 2D Games,Since It Only Shows the Sides,It Is Dropped in Moving Forward,Backward And Jumping.The Best Way to Win a Fight is to Keep Jumping and Attacking,If you are too Far for Melee,Try Using Ranged Attacks (if you Have One) to Win Without Taking Damage.

On 1stPSs (1st Person Shooter) this Strategy is a Useless Strategy on Realistic Movements,However it Can Still Be Done,Although it would Give Lower Chance of Not Taking Damage.It Gives Great Chances of Survival on Slow Shots Games (Such As Resistance:Fall of Man).

On 3rd Person Games,This can be A Good Strategy on Slow Shots (Such as Resistance:Retribution).it Can Also be Useful on Battles Which Involves Lower Forms of Enemies (Such as Leapers From Resistance,Spikers From Infamous)

On Some Games (Such As Zombie Survival Games) The Strategy is (Almost) Completely Useless,As in Zombie Survival Games It Gives You a Higher Risk of Running Into a Zombie.However,The Only Time you Need the Strategy is When Fighting and Fleeing From a Horde of Zombies (Unless your on a 2nd Above Floor of a Building or House.

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