(For Multiplayer and Solo Games With Teams Only!)

The Split Up Strategy is Widely Use Strategy For Team Games

Types/Reasons For Split Up Strategy-

Diversion:Most People Use this Strategy on CTF (Capture the Flag) Games.The Strategy usually Involves 2 Players in which One of them Will Expose themselves to Divert the Enemies (Usually Beginners) While Others Get the Flag (Usually Just For Fun Players).The Remaining Has a 70% Chance to Kill the Other Player Unless he Brings More of the Players with Him Which Greatly Decreases it to 10%.

Cleaning Floors:This Strategy Type is Used on Rainbow 6 Games on Maps With Catwalks (That Can be Seen and Shoot Through).It is also Used in usually Involves 2 Teams (Such as Alpha and Bravo) Clean up the Lower and Upper Catwalks.However,It Will Give 80% to Clean it Up Faster with 2 Teams Each (Ex. Delta & Bravo,Alpha & Charlie).

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