The Strategy is Widely Used in Shooter Games,2D Games and Other Games where you can shoot through Matter.


Auger (Resistance):The Most Widely Used Weapon for Locating Intel and Killing Enemies Behind Cover.The Weapon has a Function that Allows the Bullets to Burrow through Solid Objects.Such as Metal.It also has a Defence Force Field Which Blocks Weapon Fire (Even Energy Weapons) Except Auger Rounds.The Weapons Are Wielded by Steelheads (Hybrids with More Armor and A Helmet (Or Steel-Head).

2D Games:The 100% Useful Strategy for these Types of Games is To Defeat All Enemies Below Before Proceeding to Defeat the Enemies Above you.It Can Also Work in Reverse.

1st Person Shooters:This Strategy is Useful in Coop and Single Player Mode.However,it is a VERY Useful Strategy On Rainbow 6 Games.As in Steel Frame Catwalks The Enemies can Shoot at your Team From Above or Below.To Counter this Event.You Need to Use the Split Up Strategy.One Team Clears the Lower Catwalks While Others Clean up the Upper.

3rd Person Shooters:This is a (Almost) Useless Strategy on Single Player (No Teams,Only Solo) as you Cant Clear up Rooms From Above or Bottom (Unless Its from the Resistance Series as you can Use The Auger).

How to UseEdit


  1. 2 Teams (AI or Players)
  2. Auger (Resistance Series)

How to Do ProperlyEdit

2D GamesEdit

The Strategy Has a 100% Success on Enemies (Except for Ranged)as Melee Enemies cannot attack the player unless he/she is in Blank point Range.It is Advisable for Players to Take out the Ranged Enemies Before Taking out the Melee as Ranged are a Great Annoyance.

Multiplayer/AI GamesEdit


This Strategy Requires 2 Teams (Usually Team Alpha or Bravo) to Clear The Upper Catwalks Together (If Not Used Properly,A Team could be Ambushed).After Clearing Each Floor.The Teams Signal Each Other and Go to Their Regroup Area (Usually the Upper Level) to Work Together on a Final Attack on the Enemy.

Resistance GamesEdit

This Strategy Only Requires the Auger.and is one of the Easiest Ways to Kill a Unsuspecting Player Without Exposing Themselves (As the Player Only Has To Shoot Through Walls).Auger Ambushes have Been Known to Kill a Unsuspecting Team Without Difficulty (Unless the Team has Augers) as the Shots Come out Unexpextedly through the Walls and Teams Without Augers Cannot Fight Back (unless they Decide to Split up to Find the Ambusher).

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